Our Mission-  We are passionate to see real breakthrough in people's lives!

For the Holy Spirit to release healing in the body, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

​ To teach and train believers to pray effectively for others, and grow stronger in faith and in their spiritual gifts.

  For believers to apply what they have learned and lay hands on the sick, and practice their spiritual gifts.
 For believers to come together in unity and worship in the love of the Spirit.
 For an unbeliever to receive a healing miracle and then receive Salvation!

Matthew 10:8 - Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons.                               Freely you have received, freely give.



 Our Statement of Faith

 Bible and Trinity

 The Bible, which consists of the Old and New Testament is God-breathed and is the inspired Word of God.  It is  the final authority on  all matters. There is only one true living God, eternally existing in three persons- Father,  Son, and Holy Spirit - each possessing all the  attributes of Deity.

 Sin and Salvation

 God created Adam and Eve, but they disobeyed God by sinfully going their own way. As a result, humans  need God's saving grace. The Bible says, "No one can come to the Father, except through Jesus Christ." Through  Christ, one can receive Salvation and become "born-again" only by personally receiving Jesus in their hearts  through faith and repentance. Throughout their lifetime as a Christian, they must continue to trust and obey.

 Jesus Christ, His Blood and Eternal Life

 Jesus Christ lived a sinless life on earth and voluntarily paid for human's sin by dying on the cross and  shedding His blood as their  substitute. Jesus Christ suffered, died and rose from the dead and is the only  mediator between humans and God. He will return to  earth, will raise the dead and judge all people. If we  follow Jesus Christ and be His example, we will  have eternal life with Him in  heaven.

 Holy Spirit, Prayer, Healing Miracles and the Church

 The Holy Spirit draws sinners to Christ, equipping believers for personal growth and service to the Body of  Christ, the church. God has  given humans the only way of communicating with Him, and that is through  prayer. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, healings  and miracles will be done in the name of Jesus  through  the laying of hands. Mark 16:18 says "And they will lay hands on the sick, and  they will recover," and many  will come to Christ as a result of their healing. As we do this, we glorify God and serve those in need.

 In the summer of 2013, Pastor Randy Merriweather of Church Without Walls, asked me if I would bring  "healing" into his church.  So on October 25th, we held our very first Healing Service.  Since then, we have held  monthly meetings and have witnessed so many healing miracles such as cancer, epilepsy and deaf ears being  healed!  Out of all the healings that have taken place, God has healed more people emotionally than anything  else. We just thank our Lord and Savior and Healer, Jesus Christ, and give Him all the glory!!!

His Love Heals Ministries

Heal  the  sick  just  as Jesus  did!