His Grand Design

Father, can we even fathom Your grand design...

For what You have planned for all mankind?

Your love is the blood that was shed on that tree,

and Your Spirit lives inside those who believe.

​When this old earth passes away,

You promise a new earth without decay.

​Our questions will be answered and we will know

​how You created all things above and below.

​As Heaven awaits beyond that door,

​I can see the new Jerusalem forevermore.

​How glorious to be surrounded by grace,

​when we meet you, Jesus, face to face!

​Father, we cannot fathom the depths of Your Love,

​but by faith, we need only to look above.


Thank You, Father, for giving me life and for sending Your only Son, Jesus Christ, to die so that I might live. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit and His presence in my life. Thank you for being my Savior and my Healer. Thank You that I have the faith to believe that You are the Truth, the Way and the Life and not believe the lies of the evil one. Thank You for the authority You have given me over the enemy. Thank You for giving me boldness to lay hands on the sick and tell others about Jesus. Thank You for working behind the scenes for my good, but more importantly for Your glory. Thank You that I am a carrier of Your anointing, and I am a servant of the most High God. Thank You that I am adopted into Your family, and I have inherited all the riches and blessings of Your Heavenly Kingdom. Thank You for loving me, Father God, more than I could ever imagine.

                              The Spirit Moves....

(We cannot see the wind, but only the effects of the wind. Just as with God. We cannot see Him, but we know He is there... because we see the effects of His Spirit.)

How does the Spirit move inside of me?

Just as the wind moves the leaves and carries them off the trees.

So it is with the Spirit moving inside of me.

​My hands, they move and dance with ease to the sound, as I praise my Lord..

My feet, they take me on the path to one in need of the Savior.

He moves gently through my mind and breathes God's Will to me.

Moving my lips to declare all His promises so sweet.

At times we are truly shaken by the Spirit who moves our souls.

With a mighty rush of wind, He comes... to accomplish His perfect goals.

My body is awakened to the Spirit who's inside.

His wonder-working power moves to bring healing in my life.

The Spirit moves and stirs my heart and jumps with exceeding bliss. 

Could it be that my heart's desire is to draw so near to His?

Just as the wind moves the leaves and carries them off the trees.

So it is with the Spirit ​moving inside of me.

O Lord, let Your wind carry me closer to You...

Made Perfect


Set my soul free in your living water.


​Bather my body clean in your precious blood.


​Fill my heart to overflowing with Your love.

​Let me blameless in Your sight.

​A holy reflection of your Light.

​Are you please with me, Father?

​Are you pleased with me, Lord?

In Your Spirit, I am made perfect forevermore.

​Set my soul free in Your living water....

You Became...

​I was hungry.

​You were the bread that became the Word hidden inside my heart.

I was thirsty.

​You were the drink that became a river

flowing inside me.

You became my Father, my Lover, My King.

You became the reason my weary heart sings.

​Let Your Spirit of Love and Mercy flow out of me and become something holy and beautiful to others around me.

​Lord, let me eat and drink of Your Love.

Excerpts from "Open the Door to His Presence"​


Jesus, I want to know who You are. I humbly come before You and ask You to forgive me for anything I have thought, said or done in my life that was a sin. I am so sorry. I also forgive those who have sinned against me. Wash me clean by Your precious blood. Jesus, I surrender control of every area of my life to You, and I ask You to come into my heart. I believe that You, Jesus, are the Son of God and because of your great love for me,You suffered, died and three days later arose from the dead. You have made me a new creation in Christ, and I will no longer live in the kingdom of darkness, for I have been transferred into the Kingdom of Light! Thank You, Lord, that You have given me your Holy Spirit to be with me always. I love you my Savior. In Jesus name, Amen.

His Love Heals Ministries

Heal  the  sick  just  as Jesus  did!

Wash Me Clean


Please take my burdens away from me...

they're really too heavy, You see.

I've carried them with me for such a long time,

will You please throw them into the sea?


Please take my sins away from me...

they're really unholy You see.

I've carried them with me for such a long time,

by your blood, will you wash me clean?

You see Lord

I want to be clean in Your eyes,

free of my burdens and sins.

No more jealousy, hatred, impatience or greed...

they just weigh me down again.


Only You have infinite power. 

Only You can answer my prayers.

I love You my beautiful Savior.

Thank You for your love and Your care.

PRAYER FOR HEALING (for yourself or others)

(As you pray, wait on the Holy Spirit for any words or impressions.)

Father, I ask You for a total healing for _______.

I take authority and I bind the spirit of infirmity (name the sickness and/or symptoms, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) and I command it to leave in the mighty name of Jesus!  I cast out the spirits of insecurity and inferiority in Jesus name. I break off the spirits of fear, trauma and unbelief.. Holy Spirit, erase any cellular memory that came in with that trauma in the strong name of Jesus. If there is any sin and/or unforgiveness, I ask You, Lord, to forgive me for _______, and I forgive _______ and all those who have hurt me..  I command the healthy cells in the body to destroy the unhealthy cells and that the spirit, soul and body would come into alignment with the Word of God. Holy Spirit, come and loose your ministering angels to completely restore ______ right now! I apply the blood of Jesus, for your Word says that by His stripes we are healed. I thank You, Jehova Rapha, for this healing, and I have the faith to believe that You will heal _______. I pray this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. Amen.



God's Light

​Reach for God's light and He'll set you free!

​Climb out of the darkness or it's Satan you'll see.

​Open your eyes and your heart and your mind.

God's been waiting so long for your heart to decide.

For every man and woman temptation will lure.

​God wants you to trust Him and not the things of this world.

The world cannot give you what you truly desire.

It can never fill the emptiness that your soul requires.

​Don't be fooled by the evil one, he only brings pain.

He's glad when you're defeated, your loss is his gain.

​There's more to life than temporary pleasure.

​For God is so willing to give you His treasure.

​So climb out of the darkness or it's Satan you'll see.

​Reach for God's light and He'll set you free!

His Power to Heal

God is calling His disciples to do the works of Christ

This is not a suggestion, but an instruction for life.

Laying hands on the sick is what Jesus would do.

The Word says He was willing and we should be too.

Come, my brothers and sisters, let's show His love where we go.

Someone's miracle is waiting, just leave your comfort zone.

Your faith and your actions mixed with God's love brings healings and miracles from the Kingdom above.

God wants us whole and healthy but the enemy does not.

We must command him to leave so the sickness will stop!

Where there is fear, pray for love. Where there is pain, pray for peace.

His love and His power God wants to release.

Thank God for His Spirit

He has placed within our hearts.

To heal the sick and the broken and help give them a new start!

​In My Secret Place

When I cry out, He answers me

for He knows my heart and soul.

Just like King David in the Psalms,

His secrets are made known.

For I am in His secret place

as I wait before my King.

I'm filled with hope and expectation

and all that Heaven brings!

His thoughts are not my thoughts,

and His ways are not my own.

Spirit of wisdom and understanding

come upon me from the throne.

Its only Father God and me.

I have access to His grace.

I can run to my Daddy's lap...

an indescribable embrace.

His Holy spirit surrounds me 

as He fills me with His love.

He is mine forever,

​such sweet comfort from above.

Listen to His Voice

​It was some years ago as a babe in the faith.

I asked my dear friend, "Does God speak today?"

"Listen to His voice," is what she did say.

I said, "I've not heard Him, there's not been one day."

So I began to search and my heart was full of joy!

I found in the scriptures "My sheep hear My voice."

I thought...

​If we are His sheep because we follow Christ,

​the Spirit will guide us speaking words in our lives.

"Could it be that the thoughts in my head may be His?"

​She said, "They may very well be if your focus is on Him.

When you read your Bible,​​ do you place yourself in a scene?

What would you ask Him? What does it all mean?

​Do you journal and write down those thoughts in your head?

​You can write Him a love letter if you'd rather, instead.

God's here to encourage, to correct and to love.

​But we need to be still to hear His voice from above."