His Love Heals Ministries

9/15.2016  Debbi Kupris

Today a friend called and asked me to be by her side as she was going to the ER for severe spinal pain (which we found out later was a poisonous bug bite.) To be honest, I didn't really want to go, but I went, all the while praying that God would do a miracle and that the doctor would say there's nothing wrong with her. So I arrived and began praying for her in the waiting room. I told her to picture herself receiving a brand new spine and as I prayed she began to feel a coolness where there was a burning pain before on her neck and back., and all of her pain left her body! She was almost about to leave when the nurse said that they had just gotten a room for her. I said "Well, you can get a confirmation now." She went in and the doctor said "You are fine, there's nothing to lead me to believe otherwise." ISN'T GOD AMAZING?!

And the Lord answered my prayer that the doctor would say nothing was wrong with her!

March 2019     Iris B.

I read Debbi's testimony in her book about how her two children were healed of autism. My own husband had autism, and I never thought I could pray against it! Well, guess what? I prayed and prayed for him...and I can hardly believe it, but God completely healed him!!!

9/9/2017   Debbie Howie

The meeting last night was incredible. You are ministering to so many people by having your meetings. Every time I get prayed for I feel more and more healed inside. Thank you so much for what you do! Keep up the good work.

11/2017    Debbi Kupris

I received a prayer request on a text from an acquaintance and one other person, so I sent a healing/spiritual warfare prayer back to them sometime later. The next day I heard back from a pastor in Beaverton who said thank you for my written prayer, and that a deliverance he did was successful. I looked back at my original text and saw that his number was part of the group text I had received. Only to find out that he and the acquaintance never sent any prayer request whatsoever!  Wow, God!!!

7/14/2017 Denise Fina

Deborah Gliebe prayed for me to have breast cancer leave my body. When I went home I check my body and the lump was gone!  Praise the Lord!!!

2/22/2015   Emily Sproul

I really appreciate that you hold healing services for anyone to come to. You are so passionate about them and it's inspiring! I love your devotion and your big heart for God!


Tonight was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I went to a healing service with my dad, step-mother, older brother, and younger brother. I'm not gonna lie, I was skeptical. I had heard stories of people being so filled with the Holy Spirit that they collapsed, and hearing God speak to them, and having people prophesy over them and speak truths about complete strangers. Honestly, I thought it all was a little far-fetched. Wanting to experience it myself, I tagged along to this small healing service. (After receiving amazing words of knowledge), the speaker had me close my eyes and called the Holy Spirit to fill me. My eyes started to twitch, slowly at first, and then more rapidly. He could see the Holy Spirit filling me. Suddenly I felt what I can only describe as the pressure of a wave of God wash over me. My legs buckled and I tried to catch myself. The speaker told me to let it happen. I collapsed into someone's arms as they laid me on the ground as I felt the Holy Spirit wash over me and fill me. I do not know how long I laid there but eventually I got up and went back to my seat. The speaker then told me that I have been holding on to something and that I needed to let go. He said I am freed from it and touched my forehead. The wave of God hit me again and this time I caught myself. I encourage you to not be skeptical of anything, but to try it and experience it. I hope that God can touch your life like He did mine.

(​This is just a small sampling of the hundreds of testimonies we have received!)

11/11/2016  Sandy Elsenraat

As a result of 8 weeks of radiation treatments and 2 implants for cervical cancer 30 years ago, my legs have been in pain, with numbness, weakness, water retention and heaviness from pain. 

I was prayed for and now my legs are HEALED and MADE WHOLE!

Praise GOD!!!

8/13/2016   Paul Mathae

​We really have enjoyed the healing meetings. We were  blessed by the prayer and a lady just hugged my wife for a long time (which might have been even more meaningful than prayer at that moment). We even feel a call to be used by God for healing others. The LORD has shown us that this is what our future will be about and we are excited about it. Blessings and keep up your faithful work. There is such a need in the body of Christ for healing and among non-believers too.

​You are doing a very important work in the kingdom!

​6/4/2016  Kelly Nevins

Dan Nolan prayed for Holy Spirit fire to come upon me and since then I have been on fire for God! Warfare, intercession and the prophetic has been coming again at a whole new place and level!

Feb 2019    Hollye Nelson.

I was healed from congestive heart failure, cancer and diabetes at a meeting in 2016! Emiko prayed for me and I knew God healed me that night. For 3 years I claimed my healing. Every year the tests came back and said I had not been healed. But in February of 2019, all my test results came back normal. Completely, divinely healed! Never give up, never stop believing, and never give up hope. God is not finished with you until He takes you home.

9/30/2016  Nabor

Debbi Kupris called me a week before her next healing event and asked if I wanted prayer. She prayed for me and my family and specifically for finances. That week God blessed me with more finances than what I was needing. THANK YOU JESUS!

August  2018      Bill Paul

Keep up the healing/prayer meetings Debbi! I have learned so much from them and I'm encouraged every time!

I keep your book on my nightstand, and when I read it, it leads me straight into the Word of God!

4/9/2016   Jan Pedro

I attended the healing meeting with Deborah Gliebe last Saturday, April 9th. Since childhood my hearing has slowly decreased due to aging as well as having had numerous ear infections. Before my healing, I really struggled to hear in certain situations.  Deborah prayed for my healing to be restored. I remember her commanding that deaf spirit to leave, and found myself lying on the floor. The Holy Spirit ministered to me. I felt two hands gently holding my head on either side. When I began thinking I was going to get up, i remember thinking, "Hmm, someone must have turned up the keyboard because it is loud!" I believed I was healed immediately. Such a joy! Praise Jesus! My supernatural miraculous healing is still holding today, April 13th!! Yay, Jesus! Jesus is my Healer!!!

​9/14/2016   Debbi Kupris

I told the Lord that I really wanted to pray for someone everytime I go out. So today when I was paying for my groceries, I overheard a woman behind me say to the cashier, "My knee so in pain." I asked if I could pray for her and she said "Yes." So after we bagged our groceries, we went outside the store and I prayed for the infirmity and pain to leave her knee. I told her to receive her healing and that God loved her. I asked her to do something she couldn't do before, so she started bending her knee. She was in awe and said "My pain is almost gone." I said "Let's make sure" so I prayed again., She said, "Wow, you've really encouraged me to get back with God again. What makes you pray for people?"  I said "God commands us to pray in Matthew 10:8, and also because my kids were healed of autism. She said "Thank you so much, you have been a blessing." THANK YOU JESUS!

6/4/2016   Victoria Fuller

Dan Nolan was praying for your paragraph here and i could feel the anointing come all the way back where i was sitting. He called me up there by my name and prayed for me. Well, when I went home last night the anointing was still building up, then I woke up. The power of God was still going through my body. I had a place on my body that was redness around it. But this morning when I looked at it the redness was totally gone! The doctor had called me that day and said the next time I come in he wanted me to see the infectious disease doctor. But Doctor JESUS touched me and it's all gone. PRAISE THE LORD!!!.

6/3/2016  Brenda Bontrager

I was in a serious car accident when I was 18 years old due to my abuse of drugs and alcohol. I sustained severe head injuries and was in a coma three days short of one month. I've had alot of different body problems because of this over the years. literally had to relearn to do every body function again. I have had horrible neck problems since and have had many more neck injuries and pain most all the time with numbness and tingling in both hands and legs off and on over the years, specifically with problems turning my head. I was told I have a disability in my neck and don't have the proper range of rotation or something like that. I am now 55 years old and have had pain and problems since 18 years old. My neck was healed on Friday, 6/3/16 by Dan Nolan's praying over me. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

6/23/2017  Kendra Scott

 I really enjoyed the word and I received confirmation through prophet Daniel. God showed me where I was 6 years prior on that exact date, june 23rd 2011, which was in jail. I was facing a drug charge and ended up being released the next day June 24th 2011 with my charges being dropped. One year later exactly on June 24th 2012 I was blessed with my daughter. And 6 years later on June 23 2017, the day of your service, while I was on the floor crying out to God he showed me where I could have gone, which was to jail and to be a felon for the rest of my life, and instead he has had mercy on me and brought me out the darkness of a meth addiction. I was broken before God with so much gratitude for the mercy and Grace has showed me. It was a pivotal night for me and what God has done and will continue to do. I was more than blessed and undeniably touched by the Lord. 

8/12/2017   Lori Shah      

Two days prior to attending the meeting with our lovely Lorelei, God told me that I would be healed of a broken heart. I truly hadn't realized it was broken,, although there was deep loss and sadness. I also accepted things and believed I'd moved on. When Lorelei called those with a broken heart forward, I was the first standing before her, though I don't know how I got there. As she spoke the words of my brokenness, speaking of what had been stolen from me, I felt Christ with me, all of the words were truth... you see my mother was terribly jealous of the love my daddy had for me, and I for him, and one night my mother did something horrible to put distance between my dad and I forever. So when Lorelei prophesied that what was robbed from me will be restored and I will understand why, and how God used it... I felt many heavy chains breaking away from me, and as I wept they disappeared. Then I felt there was a lightness to me like the wings of doves and laughter followed! Pure joy! I had found the joy of the Lord! This is so important! Later when discussing this experience, it dawned on me that on Friday, it had been almost 4 decades in chains, not unlike 40 years in the wilderness. Then on Sunday I was set free in the understanding. I'm also grateful for the way that God used this ministry for another miracle! I prayed for a job, and soon after I got the perfect job! God is working wonders through this ministry! If you're in need of Jesus, come. I know that He's at these meeting! Expect miracles! Our God is an awesome God!

​​​​​2013  Connie Winters

February 2013 I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer on my right side tonsil..there was a large lump, well I had to start aggressive chemo & radiation immediately ...before I started with the chemo & radiation I went to one of Debbi Kupris's healing session's at the church I was attending {CWOW} ...a Pastor named Tim was there as well. I thought to myself, why not give it a chance it can't hurt to try. The very next day I went to my mother's house and told her to feel my neck...she asked me what happened? I told her about Tim laying his Godly hands an my neck and prayed. My lump was 1/2 the size that very next day. She was amazed as I was as well. Well I did go through 36 treatments of radiation and 3 chemo treatment's which made me very sick to say the least. On September 16th 2014 was my last treatment day. Now we can start recovering from all that horrific poison. As I went back to see my Doctors for follow up appointment's they were so shocked to see that I was recovering quicker that they expected any one with stage 3 cancer knows what Im talking about. Well I am now a believer that God did heal me in a way I would never expect, I felt comfort with the lord ...most of the time and I am now cancer free. Thank you Tim, Debbi but most of all Thank you Jesus! I am here and alive and feeling better now then before God & I battled cancer. God's healing hands Ministries are for REAL!!!! Amen!

9/9/2017  Phyllis Muniz

I want to thank you for following the Lord and for holding the meetings, and for taking the time as you did to come and acknowledge my presence by giving me a hug and welcoming me as you did! How meaningful and significant that was and is for me!! It meant alot to me that you take the time to ask if someone would have to leave early so you could pray for them I want to thank you for that!

2/10/2017   Rose Carson

My husband and I went to His Love Heals meeting and a word of knowledge was called out that God wanted to healed someone's knees.

I raised my hands and Debbi and Joe and others began praying for my knees. I have had such pain in them for years. The Lord took away my pain that night and I have not felt any pain in my knees since! Thank you God!

 ​                  READ WHAT GOD HAS DONE!

"Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord."  

                                  Zechariah 4:6

 12/10/2017    Debbi Kupris

I prayed (wrote down a spiritual warfare prayer) for someone's husband through Facebook messenger. The wife read the prayer out loud and he felt better. Not only that, he felt something leave him! PRAISE GOD!

Heal  the  sick  just  as Jesus  did!